Book Reviews for A Ray of Hope 

“Holley Moseley shows how the inspiring love of one family can drive policy reform to help millions. From the adoption of a special needs child to the legislative adoption of cannabis reform deemed politically impossible, Holley wins by appealing to the best compassions within us. Her family’s challenges changed the votes and vetoes of legislators and governors. Their triumphs will inspire the cannabis reform movement forever. Her story is a roadmap to better policy-making, driven by a unifying, bipartisan desire to help the vulnerable with love and focused common purpose.” 
—Congressman Matt Gaetz
“An inspiring journey of a mother’s unstoppable pursuit to give her child the best life possible despite challenging medical conditions. In sharing her story, Holley’s experience and advocacy will help many other parents navigate the use of cannabis as medicine.” 
—Bonni Goldstein, MD 
“This is a remarkable story of family, love, and perseverance. I was lucky enough to witness this story as it unfolded and to be a part of the important work that was done to make this incredible treatment an option for families all over our great state of Florida. As a father myself, advocating for families has always been an important cornerstone of my career, and being able to help kids like RayAnn is one of the greatest joys of my work. Holley has done a remarkable job of using this book to not only tell her story, but to provide other parents with advice and solutions that will help them to navigate their own journeys. Parents everywhere should read this book for a real-life take on life with a special needs child and an inspiring story of what the love of a parent can truly accomplish.” 
—Senator Rob Bradley